How to Start A Blog on WordPress: Tips To Create your own blog step by step online

Tips to start a blog on WordPress

Learning how to start a blog with WordPress is the best way to share your creative ideas and Knowledge online. Also, it is the only way to expand your business over a period of time. You can promote your Personal Brand or Business on the web through effective blogging which will eventually help you earn online form your blog.

As you may know, Fernando started his online journey to build the ClickDo brand with blogging. The first blog that he built on WordPress was and then he builds his personal blog as well on WordPress and all documented on the blogging course.

Starting a self-hosted WordPress blog is one of the best ways to get online and build your own virtual platform. Without a blog, Fernando wouldn’t have ClickDo or SeekaHost for your domain registration and web hosting.

In this guide to creating a blog on WordPress, you will learn how to go about starting your own WordPress blog and I’ve even given you some bonuses to do the on-page SEO for your blog.

It is important that you apply SEO with a plugin like All in one SEO plugin or Yoast SEO plugin to boost SEO. This way you get more organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing and help your blog rank higher on search engines.

Also, you can make more money blogging as well. Do you think, Creating a Blog and Managing it is a complex task? If so, then you must read this ultimate guide and know the simple things behind Blog Creation and management.

How to start a Blog on WordPress? (Steps)

  • Before starting anything you must know the basic requirements of the particular work. In the case of Blogs, you must have basic things like Domain Name, Web Hosting, and Creative Ideas.

  • Since you are creating a Blog to share your creative ideas or to expand your business, all you really need is a Domain Name & Reliable Web Hosting.

  • Domain Name: Domain Name is also known as the Website Address.

    • People normally choose the domain as their Business Name or Website Name for better branding. But sometimes it may not be available as you expect and in such you must choose something different. You must choose a meaningful or catchy word/phrase as a domain to make it comfortable for others to remember easily.

    • It is very easy to purchase a domain name over the web. It is recommended that you Register Your Domain with SeekaHost where you can find Reliable Web Hosting Packages.

Register Your Domain to Start a Blog

  • Web Hosting: Web Hosting is the base of every online website. It is the space where we store all our website content.

    • When a user enters into our website, then the browser will request & retrieve content from the web server for each request. So if your server takes more time to load the content then it will take the visitors some time to load a website.

    • It is very important that you choose Reliable and Cost Effective Web Hosting like SeekaHost to start your Blog.

      • If you are looking to build a Business Website then you can choose the Business Web Hosting Packages. Below are the Hosting plans and special offers which are available for purchase.

business web hosting

  • If you are looking for a personal website or a Blog then you can choose the Personal Web Hosting. Here are some Personal Web Hosting plans and special offers available for purchase. You can rest assured that there won’t be any hidden cost.

personal web hosting

  • Once the Domain and Hosting are done, then that’s it, you have now bought your own domain and hosting. You are the Owner of that particular website and you will have full access to it.

  • If you are a fresher and if you don’t know anything about web hosting or WordPress installation, you need not worry. We recommend SeekaHost because their Customer Support is excellent. Even if there is a problem with the website which is not related to hosting, their support team will help you to sort it out. That’s the reason they have got many positive reviews from clients.

Steps to Install WordPress

  • Installing WordPress is so easy in SeekaHost Web Hosting. SeekaHost Web Servers were configured with Softaculous which helps the clients to install WordPress in very few steps.
  • Login to your cPanel Account and search for “Softaculous”.
  • Click on Softaculous App Installer and Install WordPress.
  • Enter the needed information and complete the installation process.

Check out the Complete Step by Step Guide to Install WordPress.

If you have a blog already & if you want to recreate it then you need WordPress Staging Option. In SeekaHost Web Hosting, you can create Staging using Softaculous.

If you are not clear with the above points, then  just see the below video which is all about
“How to Start a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes”. 

 Advantages of Starting a Blog on WordPress

There are lots of advantages in Starting a New Blog and Managing it on your own. It may cost you but it is not as expensive as you think. I have listed the key advantages of Starting a Blog.

  • Get a Better Job

    Most Businesses review the profile of an individual before hiring them. So impress your potential employers with your techie blog as it will reveal your knowledge. Once a company person reviews your blog and finds the advantage of hiring a person like you, then your job is in the bag.

  • Practical Knowledge

    If you are starting a Blog on your own and managing it, then you will know more about the practical difficulties and basic procedures of maintaining a website. You can research or edit your website as you like. If you host your website in a Web Hosting Company with a Good Support team like SeekaHost, then you don’t have to worry about anything. As they are the experts, they will sort any problem that comes your way, in only a fraction of the time.

successful business blog

  • New Business

    You can Monetize with your blog. If your site generates more traffic your income will increase. Also if your website is about a domain on which you expertise, then you can get customers and make it as a business as well. You can make things better with your best efforts.

  • Become a Writer

    If you are writing the blogs regularly then you will notice an improvement in your writing skills. The language fluency will increase and you will become a writer as well. If you like to write more blogs or articles and if you are continuing it by starting a blog then it’s your time. You can tell people to read your blog to know more about your quality content.

successful blogger

  • Get Feedback for Better improvement

    If you are writing a blog, you must also be open to suggestions from others so that you can better yourself by correcting your mistakes.

  • Successful Blogger

    If you are a continuous Blogger then you must have some good followers and fans for your articles. They may trust your articles and will respect them as well. Become a successful blogger and gain the influence of the people.

Why Everyone Should Start a Blog in 2019?

If you don’t have a blog yet, then you must know the reason “Why Everyone Should Start a Blog in 2019?“. As explained above, there are various advantages to starting your own blog. Here I have mentioned the reasons why you must start a blog today.

everyone should start a blog

  • Take Challenges

    Blogging is not an easy task and it is quite challenging as well. So it is good to take the challenges which improve your knowledge. It is not more challenging, but it is quite hard to sit and write every day. It is challenging to express your knowledge and ideas to the people in such a way that they understand it clearly to benefit from it. Challenges alone will make the work more interesting and if you win the challenges, then you will be happier than anything.

  • Learn New Things

    Most of the Bloggers will love to write more about the latest things and trends. Because articles about the latest trends will reach more people than normal articles or blogs. Continuous blogging will help you acquire knowledge. You will also learn a lot about marketing and ranking your web page on google search.

new challenges

  • New Experience

    Blogging is fun and it also makes your life very interesting. You will get experience in various things like blogging, guest post and so on. As you experience new things the more fun it becomes.

  • Earn through Blog

    It is possible to monetize your blog and you will receive a certain amount based on the number of visitors or the clicks made through the website. If your blog is enabled with Adsense then it will start showing the display advertisement.

Learn and earn through blogging

How SeekaHost Helps You?

SeekaHost – Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Service provider. The Web Hosting Plans and packages completely depend on the hosting provider. When it comes to hosting a Blog or a Business website it is more important to have 100% Uptime and proper Customer support. Without these things, you won’t have a good experience with the web hosting company.

If you still don’t have a blog yet, then it’s time to get started with your own blog.

get started

At SeekaHost, you will get all the above-mentioned features with guaranteed uptime and experienced customer support. More than this, they will guide you step by step to make your blog live over the web. They provide Web Hosting at a very low price because their main focus is customer support & reliability and that is what makes them valuable.


Hope the above gave you ideas to start your blog right now and make it a hit.

If you need any support, advice on how to get started, how to find a domain name or pick a niche, you can get in touch with me. You can join the blogging course created by Fernando, as it shows it all about how to create a personal or business blog site and earn money blogging.